Parental Engagement Programme

Primary Schools
Avenue End/Eastbank Primary

This programme is supported by schools to allow families to attend cooking and craft sessions. The aim is to get families who are disenfranchised to find a sense of community within the group and support parents who are struggling to connect or are overwhelmed by their social situation. This also allows Fuse workers to help the school identify any problems that parents might be having and signpost to the appropriate support. The sessions also allow parents and their children to have fun and work on outcomes together, whilst meeting other parents in a semi social situation.

Youth Session
St Andrews RC Secondary

As part of the parental engagement programme at St Andrews, Fuse provide an essential service that coincides to allow parents the freedom to learn new skills whilst building a strong relationship with their child’s school. Fuse work with a wide age group within this session (primary and secondary school ages) to engage them in fun, social activities one evening per week. This session runs in blocks of 10 weeks throughout the year as and when required.

(P.E.P. Funded)