Digital Inclusion

From connecting with friends and family to saving a few pennies by finding the best deals online, the digital world offers opportunities in combating many forms of exclusion.

But for many people, there are barriers to getting connected and digital in the first place. We are passionate about empowering people and giving you the skills you need to reap the full benefits of the digital world.

Whether you are looking to connect with friends and family online, build your CV, or need help navigating the online process for Universal Credit - our dedicated digital inclusion team can help you build the skills and confidence you need.

Shettleston Does Digital supports people to get connected

Digital Inclusion for Young People

We provide a wide range of digital activities for children and young people at our Juniors and Seniors club, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to try something new in the digital world! This includes but is not limited to:

  • Online safety workshops
  • Video game development
  • PC building
  • Online gaming
  • Raspberry PI
  • Digital art with graphics tablets

We use our IT suite which is provided by Glasgow Kelvin College to allow young people to build their digital skills gradually with staff members on hand to help support them with any issues they may face. 

Digital Inclusion for Our Wider Community

Fuse works closely with our local partners to empower digital inclusion and accessibility for people of all ages within our communities:

Shettleston Does Digital is delivered in partnership with Shettleston Housing Association and provides free one-to-one and in-person digital support at The Pantry on 981 Shettleston Road

John Wheatley Learning Network is a network of community learning centres in partnership with Glasgow Kelvin College, and Fuse is one of its 43 learning centres across Glasgow. We provide free access to computers and the internet at our IT Suite, as well as the learning resources and courses provided by Glasgow Kelvin College

Shettleston Does Digital supporting people looking to get connected Shettleston Does Digital supporting people looking to get connected Shettleston Does Digital supporting people looking to get connected

Shettleston Does Digital

Get Support Today

Our support is by appointment only - appointment can be made for these times:

Shettleston Does Digital

In Partnership with Shettleston Housing Association

Tuesdays 10.00 - 15.00 

981 Shettleston Road G32 7LN

Thursdays 10.00 - 15.00
981 Shettleston Road G32 7LN

Get in touch and book your appointment via phone on 07598 728156, or email us at (Shettleston Does Digital)

Connecting with Others

T was looking to connect with family and vital services online, but didn’t have the right device to do so. Over a few weeks, we sourced him a laptop and got him using Zoom where he eventually built up the confidence to have his medical appointments. T now enjoys shopping and connecting with others online, and - with our support - he knows how to do so safely and securely.

Exploring Hobbies

We first met P when she needed help connecting with her support group via Zoom, which proved invaluable to her during the COVID-19 lockdown. When we learned P was a keen artist, we began exploring with her the tools she could use to create art digitally. She has since made beautiful cards using her newly gained digital skills for her family and friends - and even one for our very own team!

Welfare and Employability

When we first met G, he had never used a computer or smart device and needed our help with his job searches and Universal Credit. We helped him learn the basics using one of our computers, and before long he was attending interviews via video conferencing. One day, G called us to say he had to cancel his appointment with us - because he had received not one, but two job offers!