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Welcome to the Fuse Forums.

Here you are encouraged to pot and discuss anything you believe is relevant to Fuse. Whether it be simply what did you think of the activities presented to you on that partiular day all the way to What Do you think we can do to improve our services to you. Dont be afraid to let us know how you feel and if you have a question about us just leave it in the forums for discussion and we will get back to you.

Although We actively encourage you to take part there are certain actions that will not be tolerated.

  • Misuse of the Forums
  • Swearing/ Offensive Language
  • Bullying of a young person through the Forums
  • Any Sectarianist/rasict behaviour

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New web site
What do you think of the new web site? Any ideas on how we can make it even...
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1352 views. Posted 01 Jan 1970 by Web Administrator

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