Want to Volunteer


Fuse Youth Cafe is committed to involving volunteers directly that will:

  • Contribute to the delivery of our services to ensure they are responsive to the needs of our community
  • Increase involvement with and awareness of Fuse Youth Cafe for the benefit of the East End community



Fuse Youth Cafe volunteering policy is guided by the following principles;

  • Volunteering brings benefits to volunteers, service users, and the wider community
  • Involvement of volunteers will be managed by an identified member of the Fuse staff
  • We will ensure that this volunteer policy is adopted by Fuse Youth Cafe and informs and supports other policies
  • The identified member will guide and monitor the implementation and ongoing review of this policy and will ensure that:
  • Staff work positively in partnership with volunteers and involve them in appropriate volunteering roles which contribute to the work of Fuse Youth Cafe
  • Volunteers are provided with training to allow them to carry out their role effectively


Practice Guidelines


  • The following guidelines apply to practical involvement of volunteers directly engaged with Fuse Youth Cafe and the services we provide.




At Fuse we can happily say that our volunteer programme is thriving, with 16 volunteers giving 50 hours between them over the course of the week, they are an integral part of the team. Their skill set is diverse and a real treasure trove that we make good use of, we have one that travels weekly from Prestwick as she grew up in the East End and wants to give back to her childhood community, whilst another who is 13 is presently running baking classes for the juniors as well as a Special effects make up class by a third, but the one thing they all bring to Fuse is a real enthusiasm for Fuse and the young people it provides for.

The age range of our volunteers is 12-52 and working alongside the 10 Fuse staff, the team create a fantastic environment where young people are able to try new things out. Fuse has been lucky to be able to offer a continuous programme of training not only to their staff, but also to the volunteers and as everyone receives the training together it is a fantastic way to grow as a team and team nights out further cement this.

It’s a great thing to be able to access people’s skill sets and see the progress our volunteers make but sometimes what a young person wants is someone to play a game of pool with, get a hand with their homework or just a blether and that’s what counts, just giving a few hours and being there for the young people. We are lucky enough to have volunteers who come to Fuse and stay with us, building relationships, learning new skills and being part of making Fuse the success that it is by giving the gift of their time.



  • To hear about some of our amazing Volunteer opportunities from past and current Volunteers and listen to them sharing their views on what it's like to work inside Fuse check out their stories here on youtube.




People interested in becoming volunteers with Fuse Youth Cafe will be invited for an informal chat with the appropriate contact person.  All volunteers will be asked to complete a simple application form.

Potential volunteers who apply for an opportunity involving access to children or adults at risk will undergo an Enhanced Disclosure Check, in line with Fuse youth Cafe Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult’s Policy, before being considered.  Where necessary they will also be asked to complete a Self – Disclosure of criminal conviction.  A previous conviction will not necessarily be a barrier to volunteering and this information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

- Denize McBride ( Volunteer Co-ordinator )

To enquire about volunteering or to hear about stories of previous volunteers contact Leeann Kearney on:
0141 778 4477