Aspire to Achieve/Youth Achievement programme 

•Offers various pathways through a Youth Achievement Award


•Workshops include:


   –Issues (smoking, drugs, alcohol, sectarianism, gambling, gang culture and bullying)
   –Art (spray art, creative drawing, digital art, analogue, animee)
   –Emotions, health and wellbeing (Emotions, feelings, stress inc. exam stress, anger, mental health/wellbeing and coping)
   –Social enterprise (create and develop a social enterprise idea)
   –Employability  (c.v. building, job searching , interview antiquate and preparation)
   –Money management skills
   –Radio and short film production
   –Internet safety


•Each workshop is designed to last the duration of one challenge (15hrs)


•The type of workshop provided to groups are decided after a consultation with schools and the young people involved.  They are structured to meet the needs of the young person at that time
•School programmes are currently delivered within:


   –Eastbank primary
   –Eastbank Secondary
   –Thorntree primary
   –St Andrews secondary
   –Fuse drop in sessions


•Current programmes are being delivered to


   –P7’s Dynamic Youth