Co-Wheels - Glasgow East's new Community Car Club

Like owning a car - but without the hassle!


You don't need to own a car to get the benefits. Just borrow ours and only pay when you use it. No loan costs, garage bills, MOTs, tax, insurance and petrol bills - we cover all that and you just pay by the hour when you need a car or van. And unlike traditional car hire our cars are available 24/7 on a street near you, no need to pick up keys.

Using Co-Wheels is easy...

Check on our location map here or download our app to find the nearest car to where you live or work.
Become a member, you can do it all online and then you are insured to drive all our cars.
Book your car for the date and time you want it, then just collect it and drive!
Once you have finished just drop it back in its parking bay or zone.


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