School Programme

The workshops delivered are specifically chosen to meet the needs of the young people. This is achieved through consultation with the young people and organisation e.g school.

Current workshops being delivered to local schools such as, Thorntree Primary, Eastbank Academy and Primary and Avenue End Primary include:

St Andrews, S4, Positive Engagement Programme (Youth Achievement)

In this programme we have 24 young people taking part and the workshops they partake in include:

  • Issues
  • Exam stress
  • Short film and radio production

Eastbank S5/6 Youth Achievement group

We currently have 46 young people in this group and the workshops they take part in include:

  • Issues (bullying, drugs, alcohol, smoking, knife crime)
  • Emotional health/mental health/exam stress
  • Social enterprise
  • Money management skills

Fuse junior and senior groups/Carmyle

Collectively 60 young people take part in this programme. Workshops are not provided but they engage in activities such as:

  • Guitar/drum lessons
  • Animation
  • Spray art
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Digital art
  • Digital music
  • Cooking
  • Issues (inc. body image)
  • Short film and radio production
  • Fuse job club
  • All employability related activity