Oor History Too


We asked the young people at Fuse about their heritage and the history of their local community.

They felt that history was for an older generation but when speaking about the aera they live in. it was apparent that they knew very little about it. That is where "oor history too" came from.  We feel that the history of the areas we live in are our history too. That is why we are on a mission to learn more about our area and find out as much as we can because one day we could be a part of the legacy within Shettleston. 

through the use of technology and local historical facilities and groups we are keen to know oor history!

As part of the Oor History Too programme the young people at Fuse created and starred in their very own short movie titled 'Shettleston Legacy' with the help from Raymond Burke who acted as director of the movie.

Below is the finished product so you can watch it for yourself!