Meet the Staff

Name: Gerry Baldwin
Role: Manager
Age: 47
Hobbies: Pool
Favourite Music Genre: Rock
Favourite Song: Now your Gone-White Snake
Favourite Animal: Cat
Favourite Fictional character: Darth Vader
Favourite thing about Fuse: The amazing talents of my team
Hidden talents: Badminton


 Name: Lisa Jameson  Name: Michelle Haggerty                                                                      
 Role:  Progressions worker
 Role: Attainment Worker
 Age: 30

 Age: 40

 Hobbies: Cinema, Fitness, Reading and holidays!   Hobbies: Interior Design
 Favourite Music Genre: Hip Hop, Pop, R & B   Favourite Music Genre: Electric Range
 Favourite Song: Dangerous Love   Favourite Song:  Amazing Day - Coldplay
 Favourite Animal: Dogs   Favourite Animal: Meerkat
 Favourite Fictional Character: Stephanie Plum   Favourite Fictional Character: Jon Snow
 Favourite Thing About Fuse: The opportunities avaliable to the community   Favourite Thing About Fuse: The Banter
 Hidden Talents: Poker ( Bluffing or am i?)   Hidden Talents: Drawing/Sketching/ Arts and Crafts


Name: Donna Sanderson  Name: Deborah Prow                                                                                                               
 Role: Admin Worker  Role: Senior Youth worker
 Age: 50  Age: Not telling
 Hobbies: Cinema, Eating Out  Hobbies: Haelthy Lifestyle, Animals, Fitness
 Favourite Music Genre: Rock  Favourite Music Genre: Open to a Mix
 Favourite song: Mr Blue Sky- ELO  Favourite Song: Sterophonics - have a Nice Day
 Favourite Animal: Cat Favourite Animal: Cats, Dogs & Elephants
  Favourite Fictional Character: Batman Favourite Fictional Character: Scooby Doo
 Favourite Thing About Fuse: The Young People Favourite thing about Fuse: Great community atmosphere
 Hidden Talents: Drawing and Painting  Hidden talents: Eating


 Name: Alex Cain  Name: Grant McManus                                                                                                               
 Role: Arts Worker  Role: Marketing Man/IT Guy
 Age: 24  Age: 23
 Hobbies: Making Music, Drawing
 Hobbies: Gaming, Belt buckles, Hot dog eating
 Favourite Music Genre: BlueGrass
 Favourite Music Genre: K pop
 Favourite Song: Nightcall- Kavinsky
 Favourite song: Nicleback - How you remind me
 Favourite Animal: Grant McManus  Favourite Animal: Binturong
 Favourite Fictional Character: Grant McManus
 Faviurite Fictional Character: Batman
 Favourite thing about Fuse: The variety of Projects
 Favourite Thing about Fuse: The young people
 Hdden Talents: Various freaky sideshow skills
 Hidden Talents: There so hidden even i dont know!


 Name: Jim Duffy  Name: Alan Murray                                                                                
 Role: Caretaker  Role: Healthy Lifestyle Worker
 Age: 55  Age: 56
 Hobbies: Golf  Hobbies: Going to concerts
 Favourite Music Genre: Japan, 70's & 80's  Favourite Music Genre: American Country Rock
 Favourite Song: No idea
 Favourite Song: The Eagles- Last Resort
 Favourite Animal: Dog
 Favourite Animal: Lion
 Favourite Fictional Character: Foghorn Leghorn  Favourite Fictional Character: "Scar" Disneys Lion King
 Fvourite Thing About Fuse:  Friendly Atmosphere  Favourite Thing About Fuse: Junior Club
 Hidden Talents: Snooker Player  Hidden Talents: Animation Art


Name: David Purcell
Name: Julie Duff
Role: Issues Worker
Role: Healthy Lifestyles Worker
Age: 53
Age: 23
Hobbies: Watching football, Gym & Cooking Hobbies: Playing Basketball
Favourite Music Genre: Reggae
Favourite Music Genre: Dont have one
Favourite Song: Nothing compares to you- Sinade  Favourite Song: Paulo Nutini Ten out of Ten
Favourite Animal: Dogs
Favourite Animal: Dog
Favourite Fictional Character: Hong Kong Phooey
Favourite Fictional Character: Bart Simpson
Favourite thing about Fuse: No two days are the same
Favourite thing about Fuse: The Team!
Hidden Talents: Play the spoons
Hidden Talents: I can sleep for 12 hours and still be tired


Name: Angie Slater Name: Paul Brady
Role: Youth Worker Role: Trainee youth Worker
Age: 46
Age: 21
Hobbies: My animals Hobbies: Drums, Rollerblading, Reading
Favourite Music Genre: All but Classical Favourite Music genre: Instrumental/ Math Rock
Favourite Song: Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton Favourite Song:Blakfish - Randy Sage True American Hero
Favourite Animal: Degus, Chinhilias Favourite Animal: Dogs
Favourite Fictional Character: Dumbo Favourite Fictional Character: Millhouse Van Houten
Favourite thing about Fuse: The young people Favourite Thing about Fuse: The kids and the staff!
Hidden Talents: None Hidden Talents: Classical Flute


Name: Thomas Wotherspoon
Name: Julie Broadley
Role: Volunteer
Role: Senior youth Worker
Age: 17
 Age: 38
Hobbies: Video Gaming, Guitar and anime
 Hobbies: Sewing, Crafting
Favourite Music Genre: Rock/ Metal
 Favourite Music Genre: Funky House
Favourite Song: Hotel Califrona- The Eagles
 Favourite Song: Meat Loaf - "You took the words right out of my mouth"
Favourite Animal: Dog
 Favourite Animal: Otter
Favourite Fictional Character: L (Death Note)
 Favourite Fictional Character: Batman
Favourite thing about Fuse: Junior Club
 Favourite Thing about Fuse: Seeing change in young people
Hidden Talents: Being a Dog
 Hidden Talents:  Take up a pair of Jeans in 5 minutes










 Name: Emma Ballantyne

 Role: Volunteer  Role: 
 Age: 17  Age: 
 Hobbies: Being a goff  Hobbies: 
 Favourite Music Genre: Punk Rock/Pop Punk  Favourite Music Genre: 
 Favourite Song: What's This - A Nightmare Before Christmas  Favourite Song: 
 Favourite Animal: Panda  Favourite Animal: 
 Favourit Fictional Character: Audrey Jensen - Scream  Favourite Fictional Character: 
 Favourite thing about Fuse: The Workers and Activities  Favourite Thing about Fuse: 
 Hidden Talents: That well hidden that i don't know  Hidden Talents: